Is isolation making you fatter or fitter?

Hey everyone! Happy hump day! Made it into my second week of isolation due to damn Covid-19. I thought I would have been going stir crazy by now but I am yet to want to leave the house much and I have plenty of jobs to keep me going as well as homeschooling the two … Continue reading Is isolation making you fatter or fitter?

Recipe: Cheesy salmon pasta 🐟

Quick tea tonight so made up a easy, cheap and healthy recipe for me and my sister. The recipe serves 3 people so I kept the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Ingredients: 2 salmon fillets 250 grams wholewheat fusili pasta 1 cup broccoli 1/2 tin peas 2 tbsp fage total greek yoghurt 1 tbsp aldi soft … Continue reading Recipe: Cheesy salmon pasta 🐟